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National Service Scheme – Kirori Mal College (NSS-KMC) Unit is working through University of Delhi under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS), Govt. of India since the programme was launched by MYAS in 1969.

The volunteers of NSS- KMC unit work with the motto: ‘Not Me But You’. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service. All the volunteers work towards giving back to the society. The strength of NSS-KMC cogitates in its tag line “Sahas Se Sehyog Karen” which means to have courage, be / make others empowered to extend helping hand. With this aim all volunteers participates in all the activities, to be more focused, accountable, develop leadership, quality contribution to the community and social work unit works under two broad wings: SAHYOG– “CHILD EMPOWERMENT WING” “EACH ONE TEACH ONE PROGRAMME” and SAHAS-“WOMEN EMPOWERMENT WING”.

The unit conduct National Programmes (as per directives of MYAS), Out-Reach Programmes, Social Work, SUPATH (Three day event includes HAPPY FEET & PRIDE PARADE, AASHAYEIN help yourself fest & ALANKARAN and PAHAL empowering women sports meet), KMYP Kirori Mal Youth Parliament, NSS DAY with WOMEN CONCLAVE, BLOOD DONATION & HEALTH CAMP, UMANG Sports Meet for underprivileged, women & special kids, FELCITATION & Legacy Connection Ceremony, SUMMER-INTERNSHIP. One programme which is run by the unit throughout the year is the EACH ONE TEACH ONE programme, where the children of the adopted village of Chandrawal lane no 3,4,5 & 6 come to college premises every day from 3-5pm. The aim of the programme is to provide academic support / free tuitions, recreational innovative activities, cultural activities and personality development activities, celebrations of national days and festivals for adopted village kids in college premises.

Other than these activities, unit also works not only for the women empowerment but also spreads awareness about the pressing contemporary issues regarding the same through different events, interactive sessions, workshops as well as various drives. In 2019-2020, Unit also joined hands with EKAL VIDYALAYA through which our selected volunteers conduct ‘Helping Hand Camp’ in the villages under Ekal Vidyalaya as a regular feature.

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