Institutional Grade

It is the Institutional Grade Sheet which is based on qualitative indicators, quantitative indicators and Student Satisfaction Survey using existing calculation methods.

Kirori Mal College was given an Institutional Grade of A+ with CGPA 3.54 (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in itsFirst Cycle of Accreditation which will remain valid for 5 years from date of EC. The college is under preparation for applying for Second Cycle of Accreditation.

The Final Grade:

The maximum possible score of the institution on the basis of CGPA is 4.00. The final grade is assigned on a seven-point scale as shown below.

CGPALetter GradeStatus
3.51 – 4.00A++Accredited
3.26 – 3.50A+Accredited
3.01 – 3.25AAccredited
2.76 – 3.00B++Accredited
2.51 – 2.75B+Accredited
2.01 – 2.50BAccredited
1.51 – 2.00CAccredited
1.50DNot Accredited

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