The college portal is the backbone of the college in many ways. The nondescript room, always buzzing with activity, boasts of both machine and man power that have single handedly managed the admission process of the college.

The portal provides a substantial array of services to students (both prospective and current) and staff ranging from online display of examination results, detailed information on the faculty and various departments of the college, the committees and their achievements, an archive of research publications by members of the college faculty, not to mention the collection of photographs that capture moments of college life for our visitors. Although there are services that the portal provides which are indispensable to the college community, the portal committee is striving to incorporate many more facets into the ongoing services and introduce others to improve the quality of both academic and administrative environment of the college. For instance, desktops with internet connections are being provided to individual departments, college email ids are circulated and lecture notes will be placed online for students who want to benefit from extensive study.

Every new addition will be an endeavour in facilitating greater efficiency in the institution by exploring the limitless uses of technology in education.

The fully air-conditioned lab encourages students to use the internet for academic purposes. It provides free access to many University sponsored journals. It also provides printout facility for faculty and students.